Hi I'm Kaylie and I'm bad with descriptions. Welcome.

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'I love this man'



you could shove any twenty one pilots lyric onto a picture of trees and i will think it’s beautiful



I heard a rumor that ofpopandpunk is doing a GIVEAWAY! 

Heres’ whatchu can win: 

  • One person will get: $50.00 in T|O|P merch
  • One person will get: $25.00 in T|O|P merch
  • One person will get: $15.00 in T|O|P merch
  • One person will get: A  T|O|P poster! 
  • wowowowoowow thats a lot of winners. 

How to win: 

  • reblogs count, likes dont. (you can like for reference)
  • mbf me and skeletonsaroundtheworld
  • you get an extra entry for following my twitter and instagram: ktragusa
  • no giveaway blogs pls. 
  • giveaway ends July 31st. 
  • will ship anywhere!!!!

um thats it? i think? i love you all xoxoxooxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxooxoxoxoxox

@simonpegg: Me and the wife, out on the lash again. 


Coldplay x Sydney 

❝ I don’t really mind what anyone says about this album, cause it’s just the truth. It’s like as true as my nose. So if some people have a real problem with my nose, what can I do? ❞

- Chris Martin - BBC Radio 1 | Talking about Ghost Stories (via coldplayer-ing)

dearfobcountmein said: twenty one pilots or FOB

Don’t let the fear of unhappiness cripple your pursuit of finding what you believe


Britain made up of amazing bands from Arctic Monkeys to Pink Floyd



science side of tumblr… how do you explain this gif



things that are important:
1. the bassline from i bet you look good on the dance floor
2. ????

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